Thursday, October 22, 2009


Senator McConnell's commentary "Every Republican in Congress Supports Reform" posted on USA Today's website, is about how the Senator feels Republicans are not getting credit for being in support of health care reform. He claims Democrats are using political tactics to make the Republicans look bad when in fact all that the Republicans want is a citizen and budget friendly health care plan. He claims that the government has chosen to extend it's powers into health care thus creating a trillion dollar plan that will create higher taxes and premiums as well as cut substantially into the medicare program. The Senator goes on to say that those in congress who support the administrative plan are wasting time looking for answers to solve American citizen's concerns when the Republicans have already given them to them. Senator McConnell suggests that a step by step reform plan is the way to go. He believes that a gradual change will be more successful and come with a lesser financial burden to the American citizens.
Senator McConnell from Kentucky is a proponent for conservative principles. His commentary is posted in USA Today which is widely known for forming down news so that it is easily read and understood. McConnell's writing follows that process but with an agenda: "I understand the tactic. It's an old political trick to accuse one's opponent of being against something very worthwhile when what they're really against are the specifics that you're opposing." This sentence is proof that the Senator is using an editorial column to convey his opinions to the opposing side of his topic. He chose specific harsh words to defend his views.
Senator McConnell feels that as a Republican his true beliefs are not being expressed accurately. He goes on to convey his views on health care reform and what his personal views are and how it should be handled: "Americans are also perplexed that in the midst of a terrible recession, near 10% unemployment, massive federal debt and a deficit that exceeds the deficits of the past four years combined, the White House would move ahead with a massive expansion of government health care when common sense, step-by-step reforms are a better way to go." It's clear that the Senator is claiming that the opposing side is not using their wits. I feel that his views are one sided and he fails to show proof for his claims: "The simple fact is, every Republican in Congress supports reform." Not once in his commentary piece is there any proof to back this up. I will admit that his writing is well written and persuasively intended but that is where it ends. He is using this forum to basically vent and persuade his readers to see things his way.
Respectfully I feel that Senator McConnell's commentary was entertaining and worth the read but honestly it lacked valid evidence to persuade the average reader. He gives advice to solving health care problems and even suggests what Americans want. Once again these claims lack evidence. If the Senator was to add some coinciding statistics as well as examples of other republicans who feel the same way it would add substance to his commentary.

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