Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Glad to know... someone else cares about my $

Every day I come across an article or blog that leaves a bad taste in my mouth but today was not one of those days. For once during this economic hardship I was able to release a sigh of relief. "What! All of my money won't be going to the bank?", written by my classmate, Courtney Batts gave a glimpse of hope for our nation. Through Batts' blog I was informed that the Obama Administration is working to finally put a stop to excessive overdraft fees by banks. She claims that the Obama Administration's purpose is to provide aid for those who other wise would be on their own to battle financial institutions: "All in all, these new regulations are set in place to protect citizens from deceptive and unreasonable acts by financial institutions." This is great news for all who are sick and tired of being charged to use their own money.
Batts produced a well written blog that is highly informative and important. She was more than successful at taking a stand that appeals to an audience of wide variety. Batts made sure to include both sides of the story by adding how the banks will be protected as well as the customer. She went on to say that customers should not be allowed to abuse this new regulation but also should not be harshly punished for a slip up. Most importantly Batts was able to state the importance of this new regulation in one sentence: "These rules will help many Americans to stay on track in their attempts to start practicing better money management skills, and allow people to start trusting their banks again."

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